Corporate Services for Business Offices

There is nothing more important than the health, safety and efficiency of your people – and each component can be improved by high quality corporate services. Maintain and exceed your standards for cleanliness with SERVUS.

Corporate Services for Business Offices

SERVUS provides cleaning and facility maintenance solutions for a wide range of corporate offices, including:

Corporate Headquarters

Satellite Offices

Office Complexes

Business Properties

Reliability At Every Level

The SERVUS team combines hands-on management with advanced technologies to make sure the personnel and programs utilized in your corporate office are optimal at all times. SERVUS corporate office facility specialists provide routine preventive facility maintenance programs, and are at the ready with quick response service for specific issues. In addition, your facilities and operations managers can utilize web-based management software to communicate with the SERVUS team around the clock, as well as track service completion.

Corporate office service programs leverage:

  • Comprehensive safety training program
  • Professionally uniformed staff
  • 24/7 communication center
  • On-site SDS information
  • Site specific training
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Trained and certified personnel
  • Innovative green cleaning policies
  • Programs that reduce disease and cross-contamination
  • Maintenance staff management

Your office needs to continually function at the highest level. Trust the most highly-trained teams.

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Corporations rely on Servus. You can too.

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