SERVUS is a third-generation, family-owned and woman-owned business that started modestly as a small team of window washers over 50 years ago.

Over the years, SERVUS has provided janitorial services to several iconic residential and commercial buildings in the North East. Today, SERVUS continues to provide primarily janitorial and cleaning services but now has integrated partners to respond to the varied needs of their clients to solve many facility related issues.

Aaron Weintraub, Former Owner
Aaron grew up in the tenement buildings on the Lower East Side of New York City and was the son of Austrian immigrants. He was a window washer at a young age and started his own janitorial business after moving his family to Manchester, Connecticut. He later became President of Sanitas Corporation after his cousin Harry Weintraub bought his CT based janitorial services company. Aaron entered the Boston area with a partner in 1977, and what became SERVUS has been proudly serving the Boston area ever since.

Robert Weintraub, Former President/Owner
Robert began his 50 year career in the facilities services industry at the age of 14. The day after his 18th birthday, Robert incorporated his first cleaning business in Connecticut. In 1990, Robert relocated his family to Marlborough, MA and bought his father’s share of Service United States Corporation, which was incorporated in Massachusetts in 1977.

Melanie Weintraub, President/Owner
Melanie became the owner of SERVUS in 2020 and is a third generation owner of the business. She worked in financial services for the past 10 years and has a diverse background in sales and account management.

Company Milestones

Company Milestones


Aaron Weintraub began his lifelong career in the cleaning business as a window washer on the Lower East Side of New York City.


Aaron and his family moved to Manchester, CT and started a cleaning business called General Services.


Sanitas Corporation, owned by Aaron’s cousins Al and Dave Weintraub, bought General Services. Aaron became President of Sanitas’ janitorial division which served buildings nationwide.


Robert Weintraub, Aaron’s oldest son, incorporated his first cleaning business called Quality Maintenance Services the day after his 18th birthday.


Robert Weintraub purchased Aaron Weintraub’s share of SERVUS and moved his family to Marlborough, MA.


Melanie Weintraub, Robert’s daughter, became the sole owner of SERVUS.