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Service United States Corporation was incorporated in Massachusetts in 1976.

Servus expanded throughout New England and into New York in the early 1980's.

Servus experienced additional expansion in the late 1980's by expanding to Washington D.C., the Mid-Atlantic state and Florida.

Servus's additional expansion over the next 15 years has seen our realm of operations extend into a total of 31 states and the District of Columbia.

Servus's annual revenues exceed 35 million dollars and we employ in excess of 2,500 service workers.

Servus originally specialized in nightly office cleaning, but over the past quarter century we have added a wide scope of ancillary services to various clients.

Servus has years of experience cleaning office buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, biotech institutions and numerous other businesses.

Mr. Kevin O’Flaherty, President, is the original incorporator of Servus. Prior to establishing Servus, Mr. O’Flaherty was the president of a multi-million dollar service firm listed on the American Stock Exchange. Mr. O’Flaherty’s thirty-five (35) years of operational experience in the cleaning industry lends credibility to Servus to function professionally and successfully in numerous multi-faceted facilities
Mr. Robert Weintraub, Vice President, comes from a family whose continuous history in the contract cleaning business dates back to the early 1900s. Mr. Weintraub has dedicated his entire working career to this industry. His vast experience in the building maintenance field provides Servus with unparalleled expertise in high rise facility cleaning, and as well as exterior maintenance operations
Our financial strength and stability, developed through the daily satisfaction of our customers, as well as our solid management, will allow our customers to be confident in their choice of Servus.

Our management team has a background with a solid performance history in Fortune 200 companies. We recruit and retain the very best. We continuously improve our processes and offer the latest in technology.